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Ⅻ♠ lokki ♔
17 March
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the person.
Name: Lokki
Age: 21
Location: USA
Blood Type: AB
Gender: Male
Preference: ♂♀
Birthday: March 17th.
Languages: English, Japanese.
Height: 157cms
Weight: 40kgs
Dreams: Traveling the world.

the music.
蜉蝣, アヲイ, deadman, D'espairsRay, emmurée, FLOPPY, Anything Kenji/Riku, Anything Benjamin Perry, 人格ラヂオ, Karma-Shenjing, Kaya, KISAKI PROJECT, Közi, KuRt, 少女-ロリヰタ-23区, LuLu, マーディレイラ, Metis Gretel, メトロノーム, ネガ, 新興宗教楽団NoGoD, Plastic Tree, ポワトリン, サディ, Seciliaルナ, Siva, SKULL, Sugar, SUICIDE ALI, 紗羅の夊, Syndrome, the studs, 東京ミカエル。, UnsraW, ヴィドール, Wizard.

the journal.
My journal is friends only for a reason. I don't want just anyone reading it, because it does contain some personal entries. I'm not picky about who I add, just make sure we have things in common. I don't mind if you're emotionally jagged, or have more disorders than a medical encyclopedia just be a nice person overall.

I post whatever I feel like talking about, and I don't have a certain theme. I write mostly about my life and music. I also write music, I upload that sometimes too.

Things that will get you instantly added:
(or at least considered more.. )
- Loves Kagerou/Daisuke/Mako/Aie/deadman

Other than what I've said in various other places about myself. I can be a asshole sometimes, depending on my moods. Overall I'm a nice person.

自分を愛する事は 難しいけれど
醜く無様でさえ 神も俺も

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