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I'm not really picky about who adds me, but I am selective. This journal is 70% in English, the rest is probably jibberish or Japanese, maybe both.

If I post at anywhere past 2:00AM, ignore the post. I usually rant about nothing in particular because I have a sleeping problem and think what's on my mind at the moment is important and should write it down, when in fact it's really not.

Also, about people who add and never comment, do not add me.. ever. I check my journal f-list everyday because I have no life.

I guess here are my fair warnings if you are still considering adding me..

- I bitch about a lot of things.
- I love music obsessively.
- I do not appreciate drama, but I love hearing about it.
- I'm animated in my posts, and sometimes become very excited to the POINT I START TYPING LIKE THIS. It's like internet turrets or something.
- I can go on and on listing things like this until you get so bored that you wont WANT to add me, and yes it does amuse me greatly when this effect is successful.
- uhh, that's it.. OR IS IT?!

Now shoo. Add me or not, you decide.
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